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Screening for dyslexia

The Dyslexia Association of Bexley Bromley Greenwich & Lewisham offers a screening service (using Nessy Dyslexia Quest) to determine the probability of dyslexia in children up to the age of 14.

Our screenings cannot be used for getting extra exam support or concessions. Please contact our helpline for exam concession advice.

All Screenings are £40. However, a substantial discount is available for those who can produce proof of financial hardship.

We are currently experiencing exceptionally high demand for screenings, which has had a significant impact upon how quickly our unpaid volunteers are able to respond to enquiries. Please be assured that you will be contacted as soon as we are able after submitting your enquiry, but this may be more delayed than usual. We thank you for your patience.

If you haven't had a response within 7 days, please check your Junk Mail folder for our emails or contact the Helpline on 0300 999 1800.

Please note : Although our CHILD screening service has now resumed, regrettably our ADULT screening service remains suspended due to reduced volunteer availability.


  • The programme is computer based, so familiarity with using a computer and mouse is necessary.
  • It is suitable for those for whom English is their primary language.
  • The screening is designed for ages 6 years through to adulthood.
  • In some cases screening is also possible for younger children aged 4 and 5.

Child Screening

  • Children are screened using Nessy Dyslexia Quest .
  • Children’s screening appointments are available after school on certain days, or on a Saturday.
  • The process takes approximately 45 minutes but can sometimes take longer.
  • Parents/carers will not be present with the child during the screening process, but there will be a comprehensive feedback to them afterwards.

Adult Screening

  • The definition of ‘Adult’ for screening purposes, is anyone aged 16+.
  • Adults are screened using Lucid LADS Plus.
  • Screening will primarily be available on Thursday evenings.
  • The screening usually takes approximately 30 minutes, but can take longer.
  • The results, and possible further action, are discussed afterwards.

Screenings vs Assessments

Please be aware that Screening tests, such as those offered by the DABBGL, can only give an indication of possible dyslexic difficulties.

Screening tests are NOT Diagnostic Assessments. A Diagnostic Assessment is carried out by a qualified assessor, and is the only way that dyslexia can be formally diagnosed.

The British Dyslexia Association advises that if a screening test indicates that there is a moderate to high probability of dyslexic difficulties, that this is followed up with a Diagnostic Assessment to determine the precise nature of the difficulties, and how they can best be supported.

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