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Dyslexia Association 

of Bexley Bromley Greenwich & Lewisham

Helping dyslexic people of all ages by providing information and support

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"He said ‘Thanks for all the advice. I will do as you suggest, and can I call you again when I have the results?’ He did, and sounded so much more confident. That’s what makes the Adult Helpline so worthwhile doing"

One of our adult helpliners

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General Helpline
0300 999 1800

Adult Helpline (Monday - Wednesday 5pm - 7pm)
07762 265 827

Office Telephone (Our office isn't regularly manned - for queries, please call the General Helpline number)
020 8315 2526


Community House, South Street, Bromley, Kent BR1 1RH

Opposite Fire Station, near Boots. Callers are welcome at our office, but please telephone first for an appointment (since we are not always there).

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Telephone us:
0300 999 1800

Find us:
Community House, South Street, Bromley, Kent BR1 1RH

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