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Dyslexia - indicators in children

Image of child reading
  • The child has always seemed to be of at least average intelligence outside the school situation.

  • She/He has a far greater difficulty than other children in learning to read and write.

  • Teachers and parents are puzzled by the apparent gap between the child's innate ability. and the lack of ability to read and/or get things down on paper.

  • Older children may read adequately, but always seem to have more knowledge in their heads than they can commit to paper.

  • The child has trouble with sequencing - which leads to difficulties with multiplication tables, remembering days of the week, months of the year etc.

  • The child has a problem with a string of commands, often only remembering the first one or two.

  • She/He had trouble learning to tell the time, tie shoe laces and riding a bike.

  • She/He had trouble learning to talk. If a good speaker, then may sometimes stumble with the pronunciation of multi-syllable words.

  • The child has word finding difficulties, e.g. s/he can describe an object, but cannot remember what that object is called.

  • She/He reverses letters and numbers for far longer than expected.

  • There is a family history of difficulties with reading and spelling.

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