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Wednesday 18th April 2018 (Open Meeting)
Being Dyslexic and coming to terms with who you are by Pennie Aston

Dyslexia is a part of who you are; you do not ‘grow out’ of it.  Being dyslexic means having different strengths and certain traits, and presents some challenges particularly in a school environment.  Everyone needs to learn to recognise their strengths and capitalise on them, whilst accepting their difficulties and learning how to overcome them.

Pennie is an experienced and skilled facilitator of positive change. She has worked in the therapeutic field for 19 years, preceded by a 20 year career in television and the performing arts. She has, through personal and professional experience, exceptional understanding of the emotional repercussions of a hidden disability. She is the Founder and Director of the charity GroOops Dyslexia Aware Counselling which promotes emotional support for dyslexic clients.

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Wednesday 23rd May 2018 (Open Meeting)
Effective and fun strategies to support struggling spellers by Geraldine Lacey

Geraldine will explain the processes involved in learning to spell and the possible difficulties that some children encounter.  She will also explore a range of practical approaches that overcome the difficulties while at the same time injecting some fun into the learning process.

Geraldine has many years experience of teaching in a Local Authority Literacy Centre, working with children with dyslexia and other severe literacy difficulties. She was also an Advanced Skills teacher working with teachers in schools in an advisory capacity. Geraldine is now an independent consultant who is still passionate about raising awareness of literacy difficulties and how to overcome them.


September date to be advised (Open Meeting)
Everyday classroom strategies and stuff that works by Hannah Stanton

Hannah is a vibrant, creative and inspiring young teacher who is dyslexic herself.  As such she is fully in tune with the difficulties that pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties experience in the classroom, and how to overcome these barriers to their learning.

All open meetings are held at St Nicholas Church Hall (Village Hall), Church Lane, Chislehurst BR7 5PE at 7.45pm.
Please note that our meetings will now take place on Wednesday evenings, not Thursday as before.  The venue stays the same.

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